David A. Kaminsky and “Of Counsel” Attorney Ron KaplanDavid A. Kaminsky, Esq. has been in private practice since 1985.   The firm is composed of Principal Attorney David A. Kaminsky and “Of Counsel” Attorneys Ron Kaplan, James A. English and Maureen Neff.

David A. Kaminsky & Associates, P.C. is a general practice.   The aims and expertise of our firm are wide-ranging, but for the most part are concentrated in real estate litigation and transactional matters.


David A. Kaminsky & Associates, P.C. has a wealth of experience in all phases of litigation, including:

  • Trial work in  Supreme Court, Civil Court and Housing Court
  • Appellate work
  • Administrative hearings and appeals for DHCR, HPD, ECB, Criminal Court and Loft Board matters
  • Judicial reviews in Supreme Court of administrative determinations (Article 78 proceedings)

There is no real estate forum with which we are not familiar.

Similarly, we have handled transactional matters spanning the entire real estate spectrum, including residential and commercial leases, office leases, store leases, loft leases, sales of co-op apartments, condo apartments, commercial properties, single and multi-family residential properties.

Dear David,
We received the check yesterday.
I just wanted to thank you both for all that you’ve done. Both of you made the experience easy with your knowledge and professionalism.
It was great dealing with you and I will highly recommend your firm to anyone who needs your services.
Thank you again!

Dear David,
Thank you for the note you sent regarding our recent purchase of a studio. We have not had as many opportunities to visit New York as we had hoped, but the studio is perfect for our needs and we are very pleased with the purchase. Your assistance was invaluable and we appreciate what you and your office did before and during the closing.
Thanks again.

The firm maintains office hours from 8:30 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., Monday to Friday. Of course we maintain up to date communication technology enabling us to respond to calls and emails 24/7.

As we have already developed the experience and expertise to handle legal matters effectively, we focus on two areas of client concern:

(a) completing assignments PROMPTLY AND PROFESSIONALLY, and
(b) COMMUNICATING with clients often and courteously.

The firm has access to a full New York State and Federal law library which includes all local and Federal statutes and case law.

Hourly rates are as follows:  Principal attorney, David A. Kaminsky and of counsel attorney, Ron Kaplan, $600.00/hour; of counsel attorneys, $300.00 to $450.00/hour, paralegal and staff rates = $75.00 to $175.00/hour.  We bill on a monthly basis, including detailed statements of all work performed, by whom performed, when performed, and the charge therefor.

The firm is willing to discuss alternative rate structures, including flat rate, contingency fees, and monthly retainer payments.

We are also willing to provide a monthly report to update the client on all activity.

We will provide a list of client references upon request.