Not only have I known and done business with David A. Kaminsky for more than twenty years, but I also have had the pleasure of being one of his clients.  I know first hand that he treats his clients right and often beyond expectation.  If you are looking for a knowledged and experienced advocate, look no further than David.

Keith Lulewich


Thank you for taking my call more than a year ago and then again, when I asked you to represent me on my home buyer journey.

Evelyn, you are both patient, supportive and a timely individual. Not many persons have these traits.

David you have an amazing employee..( Thanks Again, Evelyn)

I got a great commendation from my bank. They wanted to let me know they were extremely impressed with your legal services and will be looking to send business your way.

In their words: you were the most efficient and knowledgeable NYC Attorney they have ever worked with.

Here is to all the best and continued successes.

Please give my regards to Maureen, she is also a good asset to your team and represented your office splendidly.

Proud  New Home Owner

Elizabeth H.


We signed the lease yesterday, and I just wanted to say thank you so much for your diligence and attention to detail. What an incredible process! I got a real appreciation for the quality of your work and your commitment to excellence, and I will proudly serve as a reference for you in any context.

I called out your excellence in our latest blog post…

Thank you again, I am so glad to have you in my corner.

Valiant Technology

I was introduced to David 25 years ago by a mutual friend.  He has helped me, my family and business partners in many transactions, including commercial and residential leases, litigation, refinancing, auction purchases, bankruptcy purchases, and more.  His experience and knowledge are second to none.

name withheld for privacy

I have used David A. Kaminsky & Associates and Of Counsel attorney, Ron Kaplan, for legal services for more than 10 years.  They have worked on complicated litigation, including specific performance, purchase of properties, sale of properties, complex Loft Board litigation before the Loft Board, and in Supreme Court, and landlord/tenant proceedings and throughout they have provided a high level of legal services with outstanding professionalism and extreme effort to obtain the best possible results for me and my companies.

I appreciate their work and highly recommend them.

name withheld for privacy

I have known David for 12 years. As a real broker, I am very happy to refer clients to David because I know he and his staff are fast, professional and know how to close a deal. I always get a call back promptly. When he is on a deal, I am always certain things are being handled the right way.

name withheld for privacy

I approached David A. Kaminsky & Associates because he represented a close friend of ours several years ago with great success and care.

David A. Kaminsky & Associates helped me by making the closing process for my apartment less intimidating and much less stressful.  Moreover, I felt so much more secure knowing he has the experience to review all legal documents and negotiate on my behalf to protect my interest.

One thing I liked was their responsiveness and their taking the time to explain anything in the process that I did not understand.  All in all, execution was smooth and without any issues.

I would highly recommend David A. Kaminsky & Associates P.C. to people who need someone that will carry you through a complex process with ease.

name withheld for privacy

I have known David A. Kaminsky through our local political organization for more than twenty-five years.   He has helped me in many legal matters, including commercial and residential landlord-tenant, business issues and even family law issues.  He is always helpful, professional, caring and he gets great results.

name withheld for privacy

Excellent service, very helpful

5.0 stars

I have consulted D. Kaminsky with regard to the tenancy issues I was going through with my condo complex. David delivered a great amount of knowledge and advice that actually helped with resolution.

Client Review on

Thank you for your services and forbearance.  You accomplished a goodly amount for the time you spent.  I haven’t used legal services since 1984, when I both moved and divorced.  So, I needed frame work before engaging in the process.  A friend of mine referred me to you.  I’m not sure that you know her.  Perhaps you do.  I would not hesitate to recommend you or to call upon you again, should the need arise.

William Fowler

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