Real Estate Counsel

Real Estate Counsel NYC

  • Advice on New York real estate laws and regulations
  • Landlord & Tenants rights
  • HPD & DHCR
  • Housing Court matters

Frequently a landlord or tenant will need advice just to know what their options are. They need to know whether their apartment is rent controlled, rent stabilized or free market. They need to know if the loft law covers their unit or not. Then upon knowing the legal status of their unit, they need to know if they are charging the correct legal rent or if they are being charged the correct rent. If in fact they are being overcharged they need counsel on what to do next.

Often tenants are in a difficult situation with a landlord, such as needing repairs to their apartment or needing to cancel a lease or needing to request permission to sublet or needing to rent part of their apartment to a roommate, or a tenant may want to obtain a pet, and for all these situations a tenant may find it prudent to seek the counsel of an attorney before getting into a situation which may be difficult to reverse.

We routinely consult and counsel both landlords and tenants in New York with regard to the maze of rules and regulations which they both face.

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