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The Seller Reneged. What to do?

Q. My fiance and I were set to close on a one-bedroom co-op in Jackson Heights, Queens. Both parties had signed the contract. We had our mortgage commitment letter and had turned in our board application. We were in the midst of moving out of our rent-stabilized apartment when the sellers suddenly informed us that they wanted to cancel the

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Lead Paint and Babies

Q.  My husband and I have lived in a rent-stabilized apartment for six years. Every year we sign a lead paint disclosure form stating that the apartment may or may not contain lead paint. Since we had no children, we never gave it any thought. Now that I am pregnant, I am not sure how to proceed. How do we

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Dealing with a Menacing Landlord

Q.    For 12 years, I’ve lived in the same apartment in a brownstone. In the last year, it seems like my elderly landlord has developed dementia. He began leaving me notices, claiming I owed him back rent. I showed him and his lawyer 24 months of canceled checks, but they began eviction proceedings against me anyway. Then my landlord

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Crack in the Floor

Q. My husband and I have a month-to-month market-rate lease for an apartment on the second floor of a four-story walk-up; a nail salon on the floor below is undergoing renovations. In the shower, I noticed a crack between the tub and tile floor through which I could see into the salon below. I have concerns about the building’s structural integrity

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Charges for a Fixer-Upper

Q.  My husband and I bought a single room occupancy building with plans to convert it to a two-family home. After about a year of renovations, we applied for a certificate of occupancy inspection, which turned up an outstanding $1,000 boiler violation from the 1990s, which we paid. Follow-up inspections found open permits and Buildings Department violations that predate our

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Thank you for your services and forbearance.  You accomplished a goodly amount for the time you spent.  I haven't used legal services since 1984, when I both moved and divorced.  So, I needed frame work before engaging in the process. ...
Hi David, If I haven't already thanked you for all your help, I want to do so now. Everything went like clockwork. Your staff was most attentive and followed through on all. Greatly appreciate all, and many thanks.

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